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The rules here at Rawr are few and simple but must be obeyed. 1. Be nice to everyone, even any pugs we have in our runs because we dont want us to get a bad reputation. 2. No Rage quitting, this can lead to instant kick depending on the mannor of your rage. 3. No trolling, flaming, racism. Be mature 3. Dont scam other players. This will result in an instant kick. 4. When doing any Speedclears, a minimum of 2 res scrolls are required. If everyone dies and your the only one left alive without a res scroll, the fail will be blamed on you and you will have to pay for the cons. If this happens on 3 occations you will be kicked. 5. Do not afk in a run. If you must afk, let EVERYONE know before doing so. 6. Dont join a run and try an area you arent experienced at unless everyone in the team says its ok for you to do so. 7. Do not spam in guild/ally chat 8. If someone is struggling in there area, dont try telling them what to do unless they ask for it. This can cause people to get nervous/frustrated/put under pressure and cause them to fail. 9. If you have a problem, take it to pm's with that person or talk to an officer/leader if necessary. 10. If your doing Solo T1, T3/T4 duos, and you have lag or your uncomfortable doing solo/duos at the time, tell people. We dont want you lagging out or failing because of something when your not comfortable. This will not be frowned apon, you will be respected for your honesty. No one wants fails because of stupid reasons so dont let them happen. 11. Dont enter someone elses area if they die unless they say its ok for you to do so. 12. HAVE FUN!

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